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Hall of Hunks: Mr. Darcy

I am an avid reader; bookworm, if you would prefer. I remember when I started reading books for enjoyment. I was in first grade and my books of choice at the time were Barbie chapter books. It just snowballed from there. I steadily read more and more advanced books. I quickly left the majority of my classmates behind, reading at levels that were higher than my grade. I carried a book with me everywhere. I often finished a book a day to my mother’s frustration. She struggled to keep up with my demand. When I was twelve years old,...

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The 2017 Nutsy Awards: Hunk of the Year

If there was one thing that stayed true over the past year, it was the Hall of Hunks added new inductees that would make panties drop faster than a ball in times square. The Hunk of the Year Award is for who was the best to be inducted into the hallowed Hall. So who will take home the crown? Will it be the foul mouthed chef, or demon hunting brother, the scotch lover, Sherlock himself, An American Horror, A Sweet Transvestite, or will it be the peppermint miner. Vote Now and Vote Often. Voting will end on February 6th...

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The Hall of Hunks: Yukon Cornelius

I have been trying to decide the idea of what my perfect man would be. There are always the guys who are loaded with muscles, and those are not bad at all. Well, that is until they only think with one muscle and that guy becomes about as useful as a broken clock. I do always love a good sensitive man who loves poetry and is able to dig deep into my feelings. The bad thing about that is they usually come out to me, I have a terrible knack about attracting the gay guys, or they still have...

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The Hall of Hotties…..And The Hall of Hunks: Dr. Frank-N-Furter

So, this is not your normal induction into the Hall of Hunks. Normally, each male that goes into the Hall of Hunks has abs so ripped that they can grate cheese, or an intelligence that will make my panties drop faster than the giant ball in Time Square. But he has the intelligence, he built a human to play with on those very lonely nights. But……those fishnets really get me going. Plus, I am kind of a shoe slut, I sort of blame the Spice Girls for that. And that ass, damn if that ass was a keg, I...

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The Hall of Hunks: Evan Peters

Evan Peters is a local boy! He was born and raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. Approximately, four hours from where I am sitting. Three and a half hours if I drive quickly. That is until his family moved to Los Angeles, California in 2001 so that he could pursue acting. He had several minor television roles from 2004 to 2011. Some of these included One Tree Hill, Phil of the Future, and The Office (What?! How did I miss this? I have watched complete series of The Office so many times, it is not funny!). He was also in...

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