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MST3K Reboot Renewed

So, it is not very often that a reboot will be able to hold the jock strap of the original. In fact, the reboot usually leaves a lot to be desired as almost if it was like trying to recreate the night you lost your virginity, or going back and watching Power Rangers. But this one time, the reboot seems to be on par with the original. Mystery Science Theater 3000 was released earlier this year to a plethora of rave reviews, and the show delivered on what we loved, making fun of bad movies. MST3K fans, it’s time...

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Breaking: Disney Potentially to Buy 21st Century Fox

According to CNBC, 21st Century Fox is in talks in selling to Disney. 21st Century Fox is the studio behind the Alien franchise as well as the long running animated series The Simpsons. However, what make this potential sale newsworthy would be the Marvel franchises that are being produced by Fox. This would mean that The X-Men would return to the their home. Marvel would be in charge once again of one of its most popular movie bases. But that is not the franchise that is most talked about in the sale. The Fantastic Four may finally be back...

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