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His Name is Han Solo

I was the first person to come to the table when Disney bought the rights to the Lucas Films Universe. If anyone could do Star Wars, it’s the empire built upon the shoulders of a mouse. But news recently just broke that has shaken me to my nerdcore. The CEO of Disney is saying Han Solo acquired his name in his past. Now, while I could see this because of his life of being a smuggler, I do not feel comfortable with the idea that the character that has been portrayed by Harrison Ford is not in fact really...

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Aquaman New Release Date is the Same As A Marvel Release Date

Make no mistake, the war between DC and Marvel has been one of the longest fought in the history of entertainment. Debates will go on for years in who could win in a fight between Iron Man and Batman or is the Avengers better than the Justice League. The war has been between the comics, but lately, it seems the focus is now off of the comics that people still buy each and every Wednesday, but the focus is now on the cinema. Marvel has been producing hit after hit once they announced their cinematic universe. It seems that...

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Doctor Who Series 10 Trailer

The New Doctor Who Trailer dropped recently, and I have to say for the first time in Peter Capaldi’s run as The Doctor, I am excited. The thing about 12’s run that has been a problem for me is the notion that the Doctor is playing number 2 to the companion. As much as I loved the Impossible Girl story line that Clara has with 11, her time with 12 has made me really soured on the character and the show. I know with this being Peter’s last season he is going to need a bit of an amazing...

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WHO Will Be Our Next DOCTOR?

Time is becoming something of a hot commodity. It’s a good thing that time is not sold like cattle. Between school, health, and the Nutsy Awards it has been somewhat chaotic around HQ. But as things start to get back to normal (and normal is just a word), an announcement came from Peter Capaldi that he will be leaving Doctor Who after series 10. I have a lot of mixed emotions about Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. First off, I feel that Capaldi may have been doomed to fail from the start. And that is not a knock against...

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Justice League Trailer Break Down

So close to the release of the Wonder Woman trailer, I did not expect to get a full on Justice League trailer as well… Yet here we are…. This looks like Warner Brothers hearing the fan complaints of BvS and taking this in still a serious but much more lighthearted direction.  A few more thoughts I’ll list as bullet points below   Anyone else notice the absence of Superman in this footage? I really really dig the White Stripes music on the background. Though the visual aesthetic is the same from BvS, this is decidedly much lighter in tone....

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