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I don’t know how many of you have read the stories going around the internet of the states wanting to secede from the union. I have determined that we all have are panties in a bunch. So I decided to head on over to the White House site and create my own petition to get something going that will change America. The Writers of The Buzz Kill Blog believe that a hand sandwich should be given to each American citizen with the soft drink of your choice. Cheese will be optional. If you are not allowed to eat ham, we will have a turkey substitute. Yes, you read that right. Everyone is America will get a ham sandwich. In all honesty I know we have a better chance of this happening than actually seeing a state leave the country.  What do we want? HAM!!! When do we Want it? NOW!!!! Sign our petition. The link is #hamforall.  If we get 25000 signatures we will get a response from the Obama...

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Decision 2012

We are doing live coverage of tonight’s events. Join the discussion live on the 2012 Presidential Election. Tonight the nation has picked the man who will run the country for the next four...

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Solitude Of Nerdom Episode 5

The most random show on the internet is back.  Today is our Election Special. Find out what it’s like doing the same thing over and over again. We also discuss how awesome it is to be able to get out of the house. Rejected Sponsorships that have political endorsements, A Stuffed bear, something that will keep you from getting pregnant sometimes and a product that will cause you to have a legitimate rape. The continuing adventures of our favorite Awkward Crime Fighter. The third installment of Nerd Debate, which we tackle our favorite election movies, video games and sitcoms. Is there more? You bet your ass there is. The News that didn’t make the news that should have made the news BLAH BLAH NEWS. Kick back with your favorite beverage and enjoy. If you are on a mobile device click DOWNLOAD or find us on iTunes under the Solitude of...

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Share Your Opinion

Over the last few days my Inbox has been swamped with emails about a certain news story that is making its way across the country. It really didn’t catch my opinion until I read what an anchor at the ABC affiliate in Jonesboro Arkansas, KAIT, put that she goes through the same thing. Let me give you the back story. A news anchor for the network WKBT in La Crosse Wisconsin, Jennifer Livingston shares the news with the people of that area. Jennifer received an email from a viewer that criticizes her weight and the response has been amazing. Here is Jennifer’s 4 minute response to what the man had to say. First thing, I am going to say and this is not to be harsh in any way. The one thing we do if we are in any sort of profession that puts us in the public eye is we are going to be highly scrutinized for every little thing we do. I understand that this happens a lot but let’s clarify something. Has this woman been arrested so many times over the last year that we have lost count? No. Has Jennifer Livingston, been caught with drugs? No. Does she go to work every morning and perform her job to the best of her ability? Yes. Parents, is this the type of woman you would want for...

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The 2012 US Presidential Debate #1

This year we get to elect the person that is going to be the leader of the free world. Tonight is the first Presidential Debate. It doesn’t matter if you vote for Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, the important thing is to just get out there and vote. We are proud to use our right to vote and many other Americans should as well. Don’t go to the polls uniformed. These debates are to help the people who are undecided. Watch them with an open mind and figure out whose policy is best going to suit you in the next four years. We are proud to be showing this to you via YouTube. Remember your vote counts. This is a live stream of tonight’s...

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