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Solitude Of Nerdom Episode 5

The most random show on the internet is back.  Today is our Election Special. Find out what it’s like doing the same thing over and over again. We also discuss how awesome it is to be able to get out of the house. Rejected Sponsorships that have political endorsements, A Stuffed bear, something that will keep you from getting pregnant sometimes and a product that will cause you to have a legitimate rape. The continuing adventures of our favorite Awkward Crime Fighter. The third installment of Nerd Debate, which we tackle our favorite election movies, video games and sitcoms. Is there more? You bet your ass there is. The News that didn’t make the news that should have made the news BLAH BLAH NEWS. Kick back with your favorite beverage and enjoy. If you are on a mobile device click DOWNLOAD or find us on iTunes under the Solitude of...

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Funny Ass Video

I want to proudly admit that I am a nerd. Everything I enjoy would make a normal person just shake their head in wonder. Granted, who is to really define normal anyway. I am a huge reader. I will read pretty much anything. I was the Shakespeare guy for my High School Academic Bowl team. I have read every play so I will pretty much read anything. However, my favorite author happens to be a children’s author. I don’t care how old you are, there is nothing wrong with sitting down and reading some Dr. Seuss. Well, the other day when we were recording this weeks podcast, I was introduced to a YouTube video series that is amazing. I think I might be late to this party. I am always the last person to arrive. Epic Battles of History and what was one of the battles? Shakespeare vs. Dr. Seuss. Hell yes. It is time to get your nerd...

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Solitude Of Nerdom: Episode 2

Welcome to episode 2 of The Solitude of Nerdom Podcast. In this episode, we mourn the loss of the  Jersey Shore, decide which companies we should take on as a sponsor, our summer vacation, Awkward Batman, Weird news, fetishes and much much more. If you are on a cell phone, click this link. Solitude Of Nerdom episode 2 for people on a computer, sit back and...

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Funny Ass Video

First of all, it is going to be a huge weekend around here. The Labor Day weekend is going to be huge. The Dreaded Dating Stage, The AFC and NFC East Previews, Retro Music Videos and finally, episode 2 of The Solitude of Nerdom Podcast. We are looking forward to it and hope you are too. Have you ever been to a party and you are rocking out? Drinks are flowing. You are wearing a 30 pack of beer box on your head, waving around a florescent light tube pretending it was a light saber. Sounds like a good time. Then all of a sudden the Smell of Axe enters the room. Ed Hardy shirts are all around you. You look up and see trucker hats. What is a guy or gal to do when a Party Takes a Turn For The...

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Solitude Of Nerdom Episode 1

What does Mac and Cheese, Scooby Doo, WWE, Parts Unknown, Bear and moose love, Horse penis,  Karaoke, and some other random things. It’s the debut episode of the Solitude of Nerdom...

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