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Category: The 7s

Top 10 Coolest Rivals of Ixalan Cards (So far)

This past week was the spoiler week for Magic: The Gathering’s newest expansion, Rivals of Ixalan, set to be released on Jan. 19. Listed below are the top 10 cards from that week and the reasons why I believe them to be in the top 10. So here they are, in no particular order, my top ten for the best cards in Rivals of Ixalan: Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca Merfolk in the last set were pretty underwhelming. There were a few good ones, but when compared to the dinosaurs, vampires, and pirates they really didn’t stack up. This will...

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The Top 10 Places That Will Ban Roy Moore Since He Lost

We were told that we needed some political articles. Well, there is only one Stick Figure with the god damn balls big enough to take on Politicians and that is me. So, Alabama saved the decency of the country. And if it happens to turn out that the stories are not fabricated, this will be looked at as one of the best decisions in American political history. But it got me thinking. Since he won’t be in the senate, and not allowed at the mall, what are some other places that Roy Moore will not be allowed into or...

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A Countdown of Christmas Episodes from The Office

If you could name one TV show that somehow was able to embody the spirit of Christmas what would it be? While you are shouting out names of shows at your computer, let me give you the answer. For 9 seasons, the employees of Dunder Mifflin Scranton were featured on a sitcom called The Office. And during those 9 fun filled seasons we were treated to some of the best holiday episodes in the history of the small box. But the writers of the show went above and beyond for Christmas. And today, we are going to rank all...

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The Top 10 Nicktoons of All Time

So, 90s nostalgia has kind of rubbed me the right way. If you get the reference congrats, you like Christina Aguilera music as much as I do. I started watching Will & Grace on Hulu and that started the 90s to shoot through me like 4th Meal at Taco Bell. Hulu has also graced us with the complete TGIF Lineup which is our next list. Hint…. It’s not the show where the kid ate the burger that was under a bed for a whole year. God, Teen Angel was awful. But while you are waiting for that one, let...

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