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The Top 10 Drag Race Queens to Never Win The Crown

Warning!!!! This article contains spoilers!!!! Again, for the people in the back of the room this article may contain spoilers, so read with caution. However, if you blame me for spoiling something, it would be you who skipped all the wording, just like an Apple Agreement. $100,000, a year supply of Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics, and the title of America’s Next Drag Superstar!!! Friday night, Season 9 of Rupaul’s Drag Race concluded with the crown going to the very talented Sasha Velour. Drag Race has become one of my favorite guilty pleasure reality shows. Without a doubt, each season...

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The Top 7 Best WrestleManias

Earlier this week, I counted down The 7 Worst WrestleManias, without wasting anymore time, here are The Top 7 WrestleManias of all time. #7: WrestleMania 7 or The Night Love Won. A lot of people are going to give me crap for this show being in my Top 7. But WM7 from top to bottom was just a fun show complete with the conclusion of one man’s career which may have lasted 6 months, but also the debut of the Streak. WM7 was supposed to take place in the LA Memorial Coliseum. However, poor ticket sales or a security...

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The Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Drop Everything and Come to Fan Expo Dallas Right Now.

What are you doing? Why are you just sitting there without pants on looking at your computer or tablet or phone or Google Glass or the chip that was implanted in you because you are from the future? Why are you not in a car right now heading to Dallas for Fan Expo? I am guessing you are just sitting there thinking that this is just another convention? Well, just like flat earthers, you would be wrong. Fan Expo Dallas is here, and we are going to count down The Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Drop Everything and...

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The Top 7 Worst WrestleManias

This weekend is more than just Fan Expo Dallas, it is WrestleMania weekend. If anything from the world of wrestling has been able to capitalize on being mainstream, it is the biggest show of the year. From the beginnings in Madison Square Garden to filling up AT&T Stadium in Dallas last year, the showcase of the immortals is always something to look forward too. And with WrestleMania 33 looming, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at the 7 worst and best WrestleMania’s in the history of WWE. I want you to know these...

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The Top 7 Star Wars Movies

It has to be one of the greatest days in the history of mankind. The day we celebrate all things Star Wars. Dressing up as your favorite characters and taking in the movies after the edit. (Seriously though, how hard is it to just release the original footage? I’m looking at you, Mouse. Make that happen or my dream of kicking you in the mouseketeers is going to happen.) And Now…….. A long time ago in a Galaxy, Far Far Away, A franchise was born. The creative child of George Lucas: Star Wars. In the time since the first...

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