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Category: The 7s

The Top 7 Moments in the 25 Year Career of The Undertaker

Normally, I will post something wrestling related on Sunday. However, this week is going to be a little different. A milestone is happening in the WWE, and it is something not to look past. Very seldom will a wrestler, no matter how popular they are, make it to the 20-year mark. If you were to take a look back at the names who were majorly over with the fans, Stone Cold Steve Austin wrestled his last match in 2003 after debuting with the company in 1995. The Rock left wrestling in 2003 as well. He would eventually make sporadic...

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The 7s: MCU

This whole thing started out originally as a straight review for the latest addition to the MCU canon (and official closure to Marvel’s Phase 2 slate) Ant-Man. However, your editor and badass in charge Mr. Pruitt beat me to the punch with his most excellent take on the film. So rather than clutter the site with yet another glowing review, I figured I’d try to do something a little different. In honor of Ant-Man being the punctuation mark closing out Phase 2, I decided to make a 7’s list ranking all the films leading up to this point. 7.)...

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The Top 7 Kevin Smith Movies

I have to say that without a doubt, my favorite filmmaker of all time has to be Kevin Smith. I’ve been privy to a life time of many different kinds of movies and his have been the type that has always spoken to me the most. Whether you’re a fan of his original Jay and Silent Bob films or like his work Jersey Girl and beyond, the man has a unique voice and style that has yet to be matched. So in honor of his newest release TUSK (which I will see and review shortly) I’ve decided to try...

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The Top 7 Boy Band Ballads

Have you ever given your older friend a strange look for busting out in the lyrics that you had no idea where they came from? Well, this is where you just might be able to find the particular song you are loathing. Personally, I will bust out in the most random renditions of on the spur of a moment which gets the stares. Very few seem to understand, but a few are old enough to remember. I give to you, my 7 cheesiest boy band songs. I hope you are able to relive the nightmare. #7: 3 Deep: Can’t...

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The Top 7 Free PC Games

Greetings and salutations reader, I hope the day finds you well! Have you ever had a date that went over the bill with what you were expecting? How about a surprise vet bill for your pet duck? Or maybe you wrecked your moped by crashing into a median when you saw that the Waffle House has waffles buy 2 get 1 free? Of course you have! I would bet dollars to doughnuts that everyone has had something happen that left you the better part of broke. I would also imagine that there are times when you were left unbelievably...

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