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A couple of weeks ago in The Big Bowl of Random, I was talking about the fact of a sign at a farmers market that misspelled peaches. I feel this to be very sad when the word is in fact printed on the box of the product you are selling. This is why some days I feel like I am a genius and I have to admit it feels kind of nice. Well, here we are again with another misspelling. There I was traveling in the car to my niece’s volleyball game. I have no clue about volleyball, It did make me realize something. Why the fuck didn’t I go to more games when I was in school? If I could turn back time. We are traveling to the fine town of Piggott Ar. Want to know what is there? A Dollar Store and a Sonic. The picking is very very slim. On the way there, we go through this little town called Pollard. The town is about 200 people. Truly the only way you can make the town bigger is add mirrors at both ends. On the left was a flea market. The flea market had a sign. The sign said Biggest Flea Market in town. That being said, I feel like you need to see this to believe it. Ladies and gentleman, here is what your education...

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The 7s

Welcome to the newest feature piece here at The Buzz Kill. Welcome to The 7s. Now, I know what you are thinking. What are The 7s? I am glad you asked. Everyone has a top 5 or top 10 lists. We felt we needed to jump on this bandwagon finally after two years. This is our version but instead of 5 or 10, we are using the number 7. Why? It’s the sexiest number ever. In this first edition of The 7s we are going to be taking a look at the Top 7 Worst Songs to Have Sex To. Honorable Mention: I think I could personally do this myself and not have a problem with it because he is one of my favorite artists ever. However, I could see a normal person not being able to have sexual intercourse to any Weird Al song. Right in the middle of passionate love making White & Nerdy starts playing. That is a mood killer but not enough of one to make our list. Honorable Mention: You want to keep the person you are fucking right? You don’t want to piss them off right? Whatever you do, do not, I repeat do not play any song by Taylor Swift. Her music is just asking for trouble in the bedroom. “What are you saying by playing, Picture to Burn. Are you trying...

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