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Category: Video Killed The Internet Star

Video Killed The Internet Star #3

Our third installment of the popular video series is back. We take a look at moving your booty in all the right ways. What does an audition for a Rob Zombie Movie look like. Plus, a woman who can’t be tamed and quite frankly, don’t want to...

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Video Killed The Internet Star #2

I have some good news!!! The Buzz Kill Live, will be returning very soon to its home on Monday nights, however until then, We are giving you a taste of our newest show. Video Killed The Internet Star and this is episode number 2! Tonight, I have a struggle with a country video about a year in the 90s. Does anyone actually understand the “Whip It” video? Finally, we get to rip apart the bare midriff of Britney Spears. So kick back and enjoy episode number...

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Video Killed The Internet Star #1

This is our first video show. We are combining the world of music videos and the world of Mystery Science Theater. Tonight, the debut show rips a song about being Fancy, southern cooking, and special Japanese Cartoon character ruined by Nickelback by default. Kick back and watch our first episode!!!...

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