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The 2018 Nutsy Awards: Featured Article of the Year

What was your favorite TBK Magazine article in 2017? Was it poetry? Maybe our new comic strip? Cosplayers? Making Fun of Music Videos? Meeting Pop Culture? Or Music’s up and coming. Vote now and vote often as polls close on Feb. 11th at 11:59 Pacific…..And then find out if your favorite won during The 2018 Nutsy Awards on Feb. 14th exclusively on TBK Live! Take Our...

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Word Vomit: It’s Here Again

It’s here again Whatever shall I do It’s here again I can’t contain myself It’s here again What will I get It’s here again Better be good It’s here again Better go to sleep It’s here again I hear a noise It’s here again Who might I see It’s here again I’m just gonna peek It’s here again I see presents It’s here again I check the window It here again It has started to snow It’s here again I see a red flash It’s here again Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night is all...

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Word Vomit: Weak Flesh, Faithful Heart

The mind and spirit are strong with love The body weak with lust Heart resisting temptation The flesh craving sinful touch   Yearning for that connection, yet fearing that imprinting glance The body shudders, mind imagines; Carnal pleasures to be had   Heart says no, he’s not for you Body says come closer Both battle; wage war, for what they cannot have   Love wins the war this time; Forces body to await her lover’s...

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Word Vomit: Thoughts of You

Thoughts of you all day long How now that i found you, anything without you would just feel wrong You light up my evenings, and brighten my days I know you were meant for me regardless of what anyone says This love is like i’ve never known I didn’t just fall in love, I have grown It’s understanding and real Not superficial and fake I could never take this for granted Never throw it away Instead I embrace it, cherish it Knowing exactly what’s at stake You’ve captured my heart In the most sincere way Not by lying and...

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Word Vomit: I’m Done

I’m tired of being nice I’m tired of being hurt I’m tired of feeling like a doormat I’m tired of being used I’m tired of being all sweet and innocent I’m tired of being the good girl I’m done with this this is over I’ve waited on karma and she is taking way too long It’s time to move over because here she comes It’s time to unleash the vindictive bitch It’s time for some fun It’s time for some payback It’s time for some...

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