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Category: word vomit

Word Vomit: I’m Done

I’m tired of being nice I’m tired of being hurt I’m tired of feeling like a doormat I’m tired of being used I’m tired of being all sweet and innocent I’m tired of being the good girl I’m done with this this is over I’ve waited on karma and she is taking way too long It’s time to move over because here she comes It’s time to unleash the vindictive bitch It’s time for some fun It’s time for some payback It’s time for some...

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Word Vomit: Hidden (Her Captivating Story)

I wish I could show everyone who I really am. But I am afraid of what they will think. My closest and dearest know the true me but that’s only a few. It’s a shame I have to hid the true me from the world. I have so much to give and so much life to live. One day I will have the courage to show everyone the true me. But until that day I shall hid my true self inside this...

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Word Vomit: Love is Love

Man and woman Woman and woman Man and man It makes no difference Love is all the same Love who you want Love how you feel Let no one judge Let no one tell you it’s wrong Love is...

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Word Vomit: Explore

Explore her on the surface you see ebony eyes downtrodden and blue still they hold worlds, of which you never knew   Explore a little further rivers swift and long her love flows forever, playing a beautiful song   Explore beyond the cover by the cover judge her not simple, effortless she may seem, her story is not   Explore all of the wonders in this heart and soul reside never a facade behind a beautiful lie   Explore inside, beneath skins depth caverns buried but beautiful exquisite in all she is, it’ll take your...

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