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Word Vomit: Gone

I feel lost! I feel out of sorts I feel I’m not good enough I feel I never will be I need to get out I need to run I need to leave Why can’t anyone help Why can’t anyone see What’s happening to me What’s going on Why can’t I fix this Why can’t I tell them Why am I such a bad mom Why am I such a bad daughter Why am I such a bad sister Why am I such a bad friend Why can’t they help Maybe I should just leave Maybe it would be...

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Word Vomit: Stitching up

I always seem To only die in my dream Torn by the seam Watching your smile glean I can’t run away Night never turns to day You never swayed And I’m always slayed But I still love you And I don’t know what to do Do you love me too Have our broken pieces come unglued You took my heart Broke it apart Blew out my spark Left me in the dark Now I have to stand Love has become bland I want to understand Why our love didn’t band I sew up my seams My eyes start to...

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Word Vomit: Black Cat

Hey black cat I know you feel alone Like everyone is avoiding you But you’re not yet on your own I’m be your friend too You may feel like a white crayon And people may make fun But I’ll go beyond With you I’m not done Hey black cat you may feel like running away From all the pain Just listen to what I say Without you life won’t be the same You may feel like a ghost But I promise you this will pass I love you the most All you got to do is all You may...

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Word Vomit: Hurtful Words

I’m not quite sure where it all began. Not quite sure how it all got started. But it’s too late for that now. You can’t go back once hurtful words have come out. All you can do now is apologize for the hurtful words and try to start a new. But it takes two to make that start. To make it work. If two hearts are not in it then all you’re left with are the hurtful words. It’s not easy it’ll take time. But both hearts have to be willing to try to fix the pain from the...

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Word Vomit: You’re Gone

Up and down, back and forth. You were always here, you were always going. I look around, I can’t find you anymore. You left me here cause you thought I was stronger. I wish I could come with you but I had to stay here. Some days are harder, some days are easier. When the days are hard I look around, I need you here but you are gone. I want to be with you, but you left me here cause you thought that I was stronger. So stronger I’ll be, for stronger I must be. But it’s not...

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