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Word Vomit

Tell Me Tell me how you need me, Tell me how you care. Tell me how I’m beautiful, Tell me how my smile is kind and fair. Tell me how you can’t breathe without me, Tell me how you can’t sleep when I’m gone. Tell me how even in a room full of people, Without me, you feel alone. Tell how you will be there When everyone else has failed, Tell me how you will pick me up, When my world feels derailed. Tell me how you love my touch, Tell me how you love my body. Tell me...

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Word Vomit

Note from Richard Pruitt: I think one thing I wish I was able to do as a writer is write poetry. Other than a couple of slam poems I did in high school, I knew that poetry was not for me. However, that doesn’t mean that there are plenty of great poets in the world. I have learned in the past few weeks that a few of those poets are on the staff of this here Magazine. I would like to take this time to debut WORD VOMIT. This article is going to dedicated to the world of poetry....

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