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Immortal Slumber by S.L. Perrine




On her 18th birthday, Elyse Crawford’s world turns upside down. Not only does she find out she’s a witch, but she uncovers a lifelong secret about her friends, her birth parents, and even herself.
Born into a world of magic, Elyse finds out she is the daughter of a high priestess and priest from rival covens. One or both families are in search of her Crawford blood to find her parents, whom she’d thought died when she was just a year old. Or, is someone after her blood for her power? As the descendant of Seraphina Crawford, her power and status are coveted.
With the help of her friends, and her protector, Chadwick Crain, Elyse will learn to use her gifts and hopefully save her life. Completing the Blood Rite ritual is first and foremost on their minds. Once that is done, whomever is after her will have to admit defeat. Or will they?

Please Allow 2-4 Weeks for Delivery