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Miss Hyde Novellas (Three Books)




Hello My Name Is (A Miss Hyde Novella #1): Blythe McAlister is an ambitious, beautiful, rich, and successful art consultant. She can close a sale in a New York minute,set up a showing of the life work of an obscure artist in her spare time , and she always dresses to impress. That’s her by day. Like most 20-somethings, she goes out and enjoys the night life and New York City has so much to offer her: booze, dancing, and a close friend. She can attract any man and never goes home alone, but unlike other girls her age, Blythe has a secret. One you would have never guessed. Remember the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Well, they only got the story half right.

Pain-Killer (A Miss Hyde Novella Book #2): Blythe is intrigued. It would seem that her escapades into darkness are being watched. A painting, a very personal painting, has arrived in her gallery and the artist seems to know more than she should. A very unforgettable night leads her to realize that her plight into another world that devours flesh and punishes men will not be an easy one. Or will it?

Big Bad Wolf (A Miss Hyde Novella #3): Blythe wants nothing more than to get away from this. Not to just survive it, but forget it.

Strapped down, nearly naked, beaten, scared and drugged she has no idea where this dark and dismal place is. Kidnapped and being set up to be tortured again by the men who hold her, she has to find a way to break free and get away.

Can she dig deep inside and awaken the force that is her alter ego? Can she awaken the beast within?

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