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Wanderers of the Silent Season (Heartbeat of the World Book 2) by T. Wyse





A word given to Kechua to describe those like him, gifted with unique sight and endurance. The history and habit of the world sing and pulse up into his heart, often threatening to swallow his own struggling rhythm. Yet, with every gift, comes burden, and with each running step he strives to be worthy, a champion for his reservation and a meek disciple to the reluctant spirits watching him from afar.

He embraces the coming of the Silent Season, the time of the spirit world, with the gifts of his people and a medicine staff at his side. Yet, even as the Season begins, the vicious truth of those watching over him starts to unfold. His appointed guardian, a fearsome wolf, snaps at his every misstep through the silent sands.

Kechua has eagerly prepared his entire life, but has yet to grasp the true test before him.

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