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We Will Change Our Stars (Seers and Demigods Book 2) By Nicole Thorn and Sarah Hall




What is written can be erased.

Zander Dovetree, the son of Aphrodite, has survived the vengeance of three furies, and a childhood in foster care. Yet, he isn’t sure he can survive Jasmine Nelson, a girl with a dazzling smile, wildness in her eyes, and a shattered soul.

Jasmine is racing toward her death, and doesn’t seem to know or care about it. She gets closer every day, and is unwilling to slow down or stop. Not even her feelings for Zander can make her see where her path leads.

When someone attacks the Oracle, Jasmine and Zander jump to her rescue. Doing so puts them in the crosshairs of their enemies, and they all have one goal. Kill the seers.